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** Update 2012**
My friend Selene Deike & I put on an "Introduction to TREC" clinic last April and it was a great success. Lots of interest here in Virginia to get this sport going and there're organizations here on the east coast, Ride TREC based in Virginia and USNETO in North Carolina, that will be focusing on the sport. Two Virginians are to compete in Portugal at the World Championships in Sept 2012. Roddy and I did our little bit in organizing and helping with several POR practices, which is basically orienteering on horseback. I LOVE it and had a great time doing it with Roddy.

The purebred Highland Mare, Kellwould Primrose (Roderick of Croila X Sharian Primrose), is sold to a lady in Maryland is having a great time trail riding her. (Photo Right: Kellwould Primrose (KP) and Selene Deike, June 2012 - cooling off in the South Anna River).

I currently have two horses for sale.They are full brother & sister, Arab/ Andalusian crosses. Both lovely horses that need to be out doing something and the center of someone's life. Very sweet and attractive. KW Silent Dances (Reg. half-Andalusian and Reg. half-Arab)and his sister, KW Powers That Be (Reg half-Arab). Click here to go to the 'for sale' page. There's also updated info on Highland Ponies for sale in America.


Below are a couple more photos from my trip to Scotland in June 2010. Both are from my dream ride at Blair Castle Trekking Center, during a 3 hour ride to the summit of Craig Urrard. Three of us plus our guide, Hamish, set out on a glorious summer day to walk/ trot/ canter our way to the top of the mountain. In the background of the first photo is the remains of one of two watch towers that used to exist on the summit, with 360 degree views of the surrounding area. It was spectacular! I also rode at Balmoral. Balmoral is only taking experienced riders now, but Blair still takes beginners & non-riders out on Highland Ponies bred there at the estate. My Tilly is by the late Atholl Tilt and Blair is now trying to replace him with their own stallion - a work in progress. The pony I rode, Clova, is a half-sister to Tilly (second photo below). I wish Blair Castle Estates all the best and continued success in the future with the ponies, trekking and deer stalking.

Tilly & KP at the Connemara show in July 2010.

Kellwould is no longer actively breeding Highland Ponies.
We are devoting our energies to ownership & as Highland Pony Enthusiasts!

There are several Highlands currently for sale in America (USA + Canada).
Check out the site for ponies available around the country.

We are members & supporters of the
Highland Pony Enthusiast Club of America (HPECA) on the WEB @
Thank you to all the HPECA members that make it possible to have a network of people
devoted to Highlands in America. Our numbers are small, but our ponies are mighty!

American Highland Pony Update 2012: There are currently approximately 90 to 100 Highland Ponies in America. Mature, broke Highlands are hard to come by, but there are a few available for sale. Your best bet to own a Highland Pony is to get involved with a breeder/ owner in your section of the country &/or consider raising a youngster. Please consider that if you purchase a pony, to join the HPECA or at least keep in touch with a member so that no pony disappears into the general equine population. If you decide to purchase a pony, your support of this breed in America is very much appreciated by those that love them!

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